Classroom Management

The Buzz On Cicadas: Cross-Curricular Activities

By Phil Nast April 22, 2013 10:13 am

In his memoir Naturalist, E.O. Wilson describes how he decided to become an ant expert. He was originally drawn to flies, a particular family of long-legged green and blue flies that appeared, he thought, “like animated gemstones,” but the …

Education policy

A Chardon High School Teacher’s Reflections on School Safety, One Year Later

By Tammy Segulin February 27, 2013 9:39 am

We always say, “We never thought it would happen here.” Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. When this kind of violence came to my community, and my school, we all said the same thing. How could anyone ever think something like …


Education technology

Should Students Be Allowed Access to iPads and Computers During Standardized Tests?

By Daniel Cox April 19, 2013 10:49 am

As teachers in the 21st century, we are expected by our schools, districts, states, and even country to utilize technology within the classroom.  We use the Internet, smart boards, video projectors, computers, iPads, iPods, and a myriad of other forms …


Lily's Blackboard

Lily is now on Twitter!

By LilysBlackboard July 22, 2014 5:19 pm

Blogging for a couple years of course leads to Twitter :) Follow Lily at: Lily_NEA. Check out her first tweet…


Quotes: Rhee Cites DC Precedent Union-Approved Tenure/Seniority Changes

Ultimately [in DC], we signed a contract with the union that addressed a lot of these issues, and the American Federation of Teachers signed off on it. So we have a precedent to be able to do this. (In D.C.) …
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This Week In Education

Morning Video: Can After-School/Extended Day Programs Make A Difference?

"At Middle School 223 in the Bronx, the fun starts at the end of the regular day. All sixth graders are offered extracurricular activities like African drumming, latin dance and chess, plus personalized help in reading and math." (Why …
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This Week In Education

Respected science publication is fooled by The Onion

It’s one thing for an Iranian news agency to mistakenly cite as fact a piece in The Onion, a satirical humor publication, as actually happened in 2012 when the Fars News Agency referred in all seriousness to an Onion story…
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Answer Sheet

AM News: Union Defends Tenure/Seniority Rules Against Lawsuits

New York Educators Fight Back on Attacks to Tenure NYT: The United Federation of Teachers sent out a memo defending tenure laws after two parents groups in New York filed lawsuits to challenge it. Union Claims Weak Teachers Are Shown the …
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This Week In Education

Should home Internet access be an issue?

Understand the real-life costs of homework. Teachers seem to forget that time spent on homework is not as simple as they may assume. If parents get home at 6 with their kids, and homework requires a half-hour of whining, hand-holding, cajoling …
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Blue Skunk Blog

Three Things to do With QR Codes On Back-to-School Night

…At back-to-school night parents usually end up with collection of papers that they may or may not be saved for reference throughout the school year. Use QR codes to put the odds in your favor of the information in those
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