Classroom Management

The Buzz On Cicadas: Cross-Curricular Activities

By Phil Nast April 22, 2013 10:13 am

In his memoir Naturalist, E.O. Wilson describes how he decided to become an ant expert. He was originally drawn to flies, a particular family of long-legged green and blue flies that appeared, he thought, “like animated gemstones,” but the …

Education policy

A Chardon High School Teacher’s Reflections on School Safety, One Year Later

By Tammy Segulin February 27, 2013 9:39 am

We always say, “We never thought it would happen here.” Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. When this kind of violence came to my community, and my school, we all said the same thing. How could anyone ever think something like …


Education technology

Should Students Be Allowed Access to iPads and Computers During Standardized Tests?

By Daniel Cox April 19, 2013 10:49 am

As teachers in the 21st century, we are expected by our schools, districts, states, and even country to utilize technology within the classroom.  We use the Internet, smart boards, video projectors, computers, iPads, iPods, and a myriad of other forms …


Lily's Blackboard

Back to School with the Amazing Educators in California

By Lily Eskelsen August 21, 2014 8:23 am

The National Education Association is ready to welcome all our students back to school. Lily had a full first day "back to school" in California with educators in Los Angeles. Check out the social media we produced…


Make a Mark By Establishing Classroom Procedures

I’m not here to just to mark papers. I’m not here to leave a mark in a negative way. I’m in this classroom to forever make a mark on the lives of the students within my care and trust. But …
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Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Are the Success Academies really so successful?

There was a big to-do recently in New York when new standardized testing results were released and the controversial Success Academies charter chain received very high scores. What, exactly, do the scores really tell us about the schools? Matthew Di…
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Answer Sheet

Back-to-school stress: How to recognize it and help kids manage it

  Yes, kids get super-stressed, too, but it isn’t always easy to tell what is bothering them because they hide symptoms or explain them in vague ways. As the 2014-15 school year gears up, it’s a good time to learn…
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Answer Sheet

Try the New ViewPure for Distraction-free Viewing of YouTube Videos

ViewPure… is a service that allows you to watch and project YouTube videos without seeing the related sidebar content typically seen on ViewPure offers a free browser bookmarklet that you can use to clear the sidebar content while viewing
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Free Technology for Teachers

Every school should have this classroom door

29 awesome #classroom doors for #backtoschool #elemchat #edchat — WeAreTeachers (@WeAreTeachers) August 22, 2014…
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Answer Sheet

The Week in Review – The Most Popular Posts

Good morning from the Free Technology for Teachers… World Headquarters in Woodstock, Maine where a light fog is hanging in the valley. As the summer winds down and the school year begins I just want to say thank you to
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Free Technology for Teachers