iPads and Apps For Special Needs Students

Thanks to Howard Wolinsky at appolicious for a great post on an increased focus by Apple on functionality and apps for special needs students.

Apple has launched a special education section of its App Store, featuring some of the assistive technologies built into the Mac OS X, with an eye toward students with cognitive, hearing, vision, and physical and motor skill difficulties. You can click from that page to see some of the classroom functionality built into the iPad, and to visit third party vendors that produce compatible assistive technologies for Mac OS X and iPad.

The company has also aggregated its education apps in one place. The apps run the gamut from assistive to simple skill building across several subjects.

The iPad — the latest “it” product in mobile computing — has intrigued many educators who see its potential as an instructional tool. As an e-reader, it could change how students interact with text. The iPad also allows users to view and analyze content in a variety of different ways, which educators say is beneficial for students with varying learning styles and abilities.

iPads have only been on the market for six months, but some schools are already snapping them up. The Manatee County School District in Florida recently bought more than 300 iPads with a federal grant.

Has the iPad made its way to your school yet? Are there any education apps you use and would recommend? Tell us below!

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  2. It is great that Apple has developed this Special Education category. However, as a developer, Apple does not take our input regarding the target markets for our apps. Their marketing department selects apps that they want to feature. I just wonder what criteria they use.Are they familiar with the New Core Standards?

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