Corporate Reforms Will Not Make Excellent Schools

Check out this great post by Erik Peterson on Wellstone Action, “Corporate Reforms Will Not Create Excellent Schools”:

Increase competitiveness.

Focus on maximizing short-term output over long-term investment.
Layoff workers.
Squeeze more productivity from the remaining beleaguered workforce.
Demonize unions that oppose the changes.
And when the enterprise collapses, shut it down and outsource the work.

Sound familiar?

This is not just the recipe for the current global financial crisis and economic meltdown.  It is the same corporate model that is driving much of what passes for education reform these days.

It is a corporate model that prioritizes short-term production and profits – call them higher test scores – over long term investment.

A model that focuses on outputs and accountability more than inputs – the economic, social and cultural context within which we try to educate children.

A model that equates workers joining together to negotiate fair contracts with their employers in good faith as something evil and to be feared, rather than the fundamental foundation for democratic debate and cooperation.

A model that lays off workers at the same time insisting that they are the most valued ‘asset.’

Read the full post.

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