Hibernating + Open Thread

A reader via email:

Blog monster hungry. Feed me.

I’m not big on the retroactively “sorry I haven’t been blogging” posts. I’d rather proactively explain why I’m not going to be around here for the next several months.

It isn’t

Morning Video: Everybody Hates Pearson – But It’s Not Going Away Anytime Soon


Here's a three-minute video explainer to go along with the Fortune magazine story that came out yesterday. Video not loading properly (#thankstypepad)? Click here.…

Which States Are Going for Early Bird NCLB-Waiver Renewal?

The U.S. Department of Education has offered seven states an early deadline and a very special, expedited review process for renewing their No Child Left Behind waivers, but not everyone is taking it up on the offer.

Be kind


What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.
                                          George Saunders’s Advice to Graduates

I would agree with Scott McLeod that one of the best posts I’ve read for a long time is Give the kid

“But wait, it gets worse.”

That it is the repetitive refrain from a powerful column by Charles M. Blow in today’s New York Times titled Inequality in the Air We Breathe?.   The occasion of the column the was plan to do use “open …

Quotes: Show Taxpayers [Test] Results If You Want More Of Their Money

Taxpayers provide about $600 billion each year to fund public education in America. They have a right to know if the system is working. And if we want the public to spend more money on education, we need to

House Education Committee Outlines Head Start Overhaul Recommendations

The panel’s priorities for a Head Start rewrite include reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens and boosting coordination between Head Start and state and local programs.

Journalism: Ten Large (& A Bowler Hat!) For High-Quality Reporting

The Edwin Gould Foundation has announced a new (to me) journalism prize to "the authors / producers / originators of works of journalism that help to further the national conversation about low-income college completion."

First prize: $10,000 and a bowler …

Morning Video: Let’s Talk About Why Schools Are So Segregated (Again)


Here's an April 2014 C-SPAN interview with ProPublica's Nikole Hannah-Jones about how schools in Tuscaloosa Alabama and many other places have resegregated since coming out from under court supervision. (Washington Journal School Desegregation)…

Women in Education Leadership: Why Is This Important? What Difference Does It Make?

There’s a reason why we are now experiencing an all-out assault on one of America’s best ideas–a free, high-quality, fully funded, fully public education for every child. It takes a compliant work force, people fearful of losing the low-paying jobs…