AM News: Districts See Uptick In Central American Refugee Children

Schools a haven for kids who crossed border alone AP: Schools and districts in metropolitan areas such as Washington, Houston and Miami have seen an uptick in the number of these students and anticipate more could enroll this fall.

Judge Blasts

Afternoon Video: Schools Prepare For Surge Of Unaccompanied Migrant Kids

Here's a Bloomberg segment on school preparations for migrant Central American kids who have been in the news so much the past couple of weeks. Haven't seen tons written on this – which districts are being most affected? Did the …

Magazines: 5 Ways The SF Protests Can Help You Understand Education

Now that you're done reading this week's New Yorker story about cheating in Atlanta, time to circle back and read last week's piece (California Screaming) about the conflicts in San Francisco over class, culture, and education.  

Why, …

Thompson: Arne Duncan’s "Secretary Under Improvement" Plan

Was the AFT's call for Arne Duncan to be placed on a plan for improvement a stroke of political genius by its leadership?

Or was it another example of what rank-in-file teachers do when we are at our best?

Or, was it …

When’s the last time you cleaned your home(page)

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

Morning Video: So What’s It Like To Take The OECD Test for Schools?

Following up on the fascinating topic of the OECD Test for Schools, the PBS NewsHour just recently aired a new segment about the test's spread, how it differs from most annual assessments (and even the Common Core assessments), and some of …

Why I will not be in Detroit at NN14

is because of a scheduling conflict and my personal priorities.

Don’t get me wrong.  I clearly value NN.  I presented panels at the first two conventions, then called Yearly Kos, in 2006 in Las Vegas and 2007 in Chicago, as …

AM News: AFT Conference Wraps Up With Tenure Support

Teacher union's national conference concludes with support for tenure laws LA Daily News: The American Federation of Teachers panel featuring educators from out of state shared their personal observations to bolster why current tenure laws work.

Missouri Governor Vetoes Bill

If you could give your child a superpower, would you?

With great power comes great responsibility. – Spiderman’s Uncle Ben

Were you as a parent able to give your child a “super” power, would you do so? Let’s take the ability to teleport – move from one location to another …

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Bastille Day Edition

Teachers Unions Use Pension Fund Clout To Make Up For Lost Political Power  @Molly_HC@AFTunion

A middle ground on tenure? Some teachers in California say yes. | Deseret News National

When Teachers Romanticize Their Students' …