Get Out of the Way, Uncle Sam?

Today, the first results of the 2014 PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools were released.* The overall conclusion: Americans aren’t convinced that federal involvement will improve public education.

The report is called Try It Again, Uncle

Update: Alexander’s Annual Summer Road Trip

I'm going on my annual road trip to Boston and thereabouts, so I'll be updating the site — very lightly — via Twitter (which also posts to Facebook and here).

See it all below. Or, go to Politico, RealClear Education, …

5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Google Wants Kids To Have GMail (Apparently Unaware That Kids Don’t Use Email Anymore)

The Trouble With Tenure – Frank Bruni feat. Mike Johnston in the

Obama Waivers Add Fuel to Lawsuit Bid – @PoliticsK12

Common Core for Young Learners Educators tackle challenges in the early grades

EdTech: 8 Ways to Protect Student Data

My latest "Tech Talk" piece in the Harvard Education Letter is now online, and — thanks to critics and advocates and regular old practitioners who filled me in — it's got what seems like some extremely useful advice about how …

Media: 3 Newish Places To Get Public Radio Stories (Plus NPR Controversy)

Finding great public radio content online is getting easier and easier, thanks to there being more of it available in more places.  

This recent Poynter article touts a new streaming (think Pandora) service (NPR One app potential is huge

Survey: Teachers Are Knowledgeable About Common Core, But Wary

Teacher support for the common standards has dropped precipitously, even though they’re among the best informed about the expectations.

Celebrate Learning the ARTS with PTA Start the Arts Week

By Ethan Clark, Arts in Education Manager, National PTA

Monday, September 15, kicks off National Arts in Education Week and National PTA’s “Start the Arts” Week (September 15-19). During this week, National PTA encourages schools, families and PTAs to #StartTheArts …

Quotes: Union’s Confounding Positions On Common Core Assessments

It's like saying you're for interstellar travel but against warp drive.

- NYCAN's Derrell Bradford via Facebook on NEA Common Core position(s) — see full quote below.

I find the NEA problematic as a "partner." Like when Van Roekel gave a …

Morning Video: "Teacher-Led" Schools Increase Retention (But Not Test Scores)

On last night's PBS NewsHour, John Tulenko took us to Mission Hill in Boston, where teacher retention is high (but test scores aren't — at leats not so far). There are roughly 70 of these consensus-run schools nationwide.


AM News: As Common Core Support Falls, NYC Mayor Forges Ahead

Support For The Common Core Plummets, Especially Among Teachers HuffPost: 40 percent of teachers said they opposed the Common Core — more than triple the 12 percent who said they were against the standards in 2013.  Broken down by party …