Morning Video: "Teacher-Led" Schools Increase Retention (But Not Test Scores)

On last night's PBS NewsHour, John Tulenko took us to Mission Hill in Boston, where teacher retention is high (but test scores aren't — at leats not so far). There are roughly 70 of these consensus-run schools nationwide.


AM News: As Common Core Support Falls, NYC Mayor Forges Ahead

Support For The Common Core Plummets, Especially Among Teachers HuffPost: 40 percent of teachers said they opposed the Common Core — more than triple the 12 percent who said they were against the standards in 2013.  Broken down by party …

Training wheels and technology

How do you expect me to learn to use a computer when the keys aren’t in alphabetical order? teacher in Computer 101 training circa 1993.

Can learning to ride a bike teach us anything about learning to use technology as …

Developing the Question: Ask For A Sketch First

This is a series about “developing the question” in math class.

Here is a resolution: ask your students for a sketch first.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with “Barbie Bungee,” a lesson on linear regression which you’ll find …

5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Is NPR Pro-Reform Or Con?

Initially, critics claimed @npr_ed was pro-reform (b/c Gates $$). Here @petercook suggests it's anti (b/c NOLA story)

‘Vergara’ decision signals the start of a 3rd wave of ed reform – Joshua Lewis in The Washington

Learning is Complicated

Software isn’t really meant to take …

Thompson: Frontline’s Terrifying Portrait of Generation "Like"

How is Douglas Rushkoff’s PBS Frontline “Generation Like” different than semi-addictive social media that “reels” in people like they are a fish?

Rushkoff starts with some disturbing social media issues that perplex adults. He then lets students, and new media entrepreneurs, speak for themselves. This allows …

Deb Delisle on the Promise and Pitfalls of NCLB Waivers

The U.S. Department of Education’s assistant secretary for K-12 addresses the promise and pitfalls of the No Child Left Behind Act waivers.

Quotes: NYC Mayor De Blasio Praises Predecessor For Common Core Focus

They were right to focus on the Common Core curriculum. — NYC Mayor De Blasio on Bloomberg decisions that led to NYC test score increases (WNYC Five Things You Need to Know About NYC Scores on State Tests)…

Morning Video: Reformers (Too) Quick To Dismissal Ed-Related Lawsuits?

As was apparent at last week's discussion of the Vergara case between Fordham's Mike Petrilli and AEI's Mike McShane, the current generation of school reformers is generally dismissive of legal cases in search of school improvements. 

Lawsuits don't work, or …