Weingarten Wins Re-election to AFT Presidency by Wide Margin

Randi Weingarten was re-elected the American Federation of Teachers’ by an overwhelming vote of delegates in Los Angeles.

Articles: Adult Ed’s Secret Buzzwords & Lingo

So you think that edtech (and school reform in general) are full of buzzwords and hot new trends? Well, that may be true. But edtech’s got nothing on adult education, which freely adopts jargon and innovation from the K-12 and …

Quotes: Reform Debate Often Detached From Schools & Parents

The policy debate has become so polarized that it often seems detached from the very people it is aimed at helping. – Joan Vennochi in The Boston Globe via Annenberg Institute…

Arne Duncan Says Philly School Funding is "Unacceptable"

The U.S. Secretary of Education also said that Pennsylvania’s current level of commitment to funding public schools in Philadelphia is “unacceptable.”

Morning Video: Helping Increase Toddlers’ Vocabularies With Word Counters

"Called digital language processors, they have been given to some 55 toddlers whose families are on public assistance through a city program called Providence Talks." (Coaching parents on toddler talk to address word gap)…

Pictures: Michelle Obama’s Tour of the Brown Museum In Topeka

The New Republic wonders if this is "the political photo of the year," which it probably isn't.  But it's still a prettyeye-catching image. (Michelle Obama Tours Brown v. Board National Historic Site)



AM News: Sleepy Washington DC Campaign Goes National

Sleepy campaign for D.C. Board of Education goes national Washington Post:  When Tierra Jolly thumbed through her mail on Monday, she was surprised to see campaign literature touting her bid for a seat on the D.C. State Board of Education.…

Predictions from 2003-04

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”   Yogi Berra  

From a friend and colleague in an e-mail last week…

As I attempt to purge my files, I’m running into all kinds of oldies but goodies. An example:

AFT Common-Core Resolution Calls for Teacher Input in Implementation

After passionate debate, the union says it continues to support the “promise” of the common standards but wants to see changes in how they’re being carried out.

AFT: Obama Must Force Arne Duncan to ‘Improve’ or to Resign

The AFT wants President Obama to put his education secretary on an “improvement plan,” and replace him if he doesn’t change positions the union deems harmful.