GAO: Fiscal Oversight Weak for Federally Run Schools for Native Americans

Schools overseen by the Bureau of Indian Education have serious financial problems that includes the accumulation of unspent funds intended for instructional purposes such as special education, the report says.

Delaware Teacher-Transfer Program Attracts Few Takers

Few teachers took the transfer bonuses, possibly because many didn’t seem to know about them.

Morning Video: Before New Orleans (Or DC), There Was Chicago

Chicago Schools: Worst in the Nation? from Siskel/Jacobs Productions on Vimeo.

It was a cash-strapped city, a dysfunctional bureaucracy, and a national reputation for low-performing schools. But did Chicago deserve its reputation, and what's happened since to make …

AM News: Huffman Resigns From Top TN Spot; Newark’s Anderson Visits DC

Kevin Huffman Leaving Post as Tennessee K-12 Chief State EdWatch: Huffman was appointed state education commissioner in 2011, and has overseen major changes in Tennessee education policy, many of them tied to the common core. See also ChalkbeatTN.


Culture eats strategy

The restaurant nearest our home on this Minnesota lake has a great salad bar (pickled beets) as well as tasty broasted chicken. The LWW and I go there on a fairly regular basis.

The joint also has a unique way …

Quotes: Blame Obama For Common Core Pushback, Says Jeb

The opposition to the common core has been mostly fueled by President Obama and his administration attempting to take credit for and co-opt a state-led initiative.

- Jeb Bush in Education Next (Talking education policy with Florida’s former governor

5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Minneapolis Making It Much Harder To Suspend Students

It's ideology not outside money that's ruining think tanks — The National Interest

Boston Benefits from Mutual Consent Hiring | TNTP 

Minneapolis Schools Now Need Permission to Suspend Black Students – Atlanta Blackstar  Anyone else doing this?…

Ed. Dept. to Give Some Waiver States Fast Track to Longer Renewal

States seeking to keep their NCLB law waivers will have to do more to show how they plan to identify and intervene in low-performing schools, but won’t have to give data showing their new systems are improving student achievement, new…

Maps: Many States Now Provide "Early Warning" Reports For Struggling Students

Here's a map of states with early warning systems, described in this Marketplace story as the result of  a "steady stream of student data, like GPA, attendance, demerits, and test scores" that allow administrators to "peer into the future and …

Journalism: Replacing "Reformers" & "Reform Critics" With What?

Chicago may not be ready for reform, but is Chicago media ready for "reform" reform?

— Eric Zorn (@EricZorn) November 11, 2014

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn raises the nagging issue of journalists using the word "reform" in their …