And now, final exams for kindergartners. Really.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for kindergartners, they do. It used to be that kindergartners could play  — which is how early childhood development experts say young children learn and are socialized best.  Today 5- and…

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Developing The Question: Ask For A Sketch First, Ctd.

Kate Nowak, on my recommendation that teachers ask for informal sketches before formal graphs: I agree with everything you say here. However, I think you will get silent resistance on this because teachers don’t know what to do …


Use Real Pictures in ClassDojo Profiles

ClassDojo… has been on a roll with new feature releases this summer. The latest update allows you to customize student profiles and your own profile by adding real pictures. Now instead of just using the cartoon avatars you can use

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ClassCharts Seeks Schools for Case Study

ClassCharts… is an excellent tool for creating online seating charts, behavior charts, and behavior reports. Individual teachers can use ClassCharts for free. Whole school implementations require a licensing fee. But this year ClassCharts is giving away licenses to schools that

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The Trouble With “The Trouble With Tenure”

EDIT 8/24/14: Corrected information about Michael Johnston’s experience as a principal. Frank Bruni, writing in the New York Times on Aug. 18, 2014, cobbles together a series of assumptions and quotations to join the trendy but under-informed chorus speaking out regarding “The …


Videos to Help You Get Started Sending Text Message Reminders Through Remind (101)

Remind…, formerly Remind 101, is a great tool for sending important reminders to students and their parents. Through Remind students and their parents can sign-up to received text messages on their mobile devices. You send the messages from your

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How to Use to Display PDFs in Blog Posts

From time to time I create PDFs to use in blog posts. Sometimes I do that because a PDF provides a better view of the content I'm sharing (see this post… containing a chart for an example) and other times

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Is doing less harm enough for Education Secretary Duncan?

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said today via a blog post that he has decided to allow most states to apply for permission from the Education Department to push back to 2015-16 a requirement that they use student standardized test scores…

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Learning First Alliance Supports Additional Time to Get Common Core Implementation Right

Today, in response to the U.S. Department of Education announcement that states may delay tying teacher evaluation to standardized assessments, the Learning First Alliance (LFA), a partnership of leading education organizations representing more than 10 million parents, educators and policymakers, …

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Waiver States Can Seek a Year’s Delay in Using Tests for Teacher Evaluations

States that have NCLB Act waivers are being given a chance to delay until the 2015-16 school year the use of student test results in making teacher evaluations. …

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