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Place an ad next year to hire classroom help. Get your students motivated to help and stay employed by doing a good job.…

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Making The Best App Choices With @Graphite

…When I was beginning to roll out a Bring Your Own Device initiative in my previous district we spent a great deal of time sitting and talking with teachers. There are many misconceptions and questions that arise when we allow

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What To Do When Someone Hates You

“There is one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing. Say nothing. Be nothing.” says Aristotle. Criticism comes with breaking new ground. Criticism comes with putting yourself out there. But how do you respond when that criticism turns to hatred? Hatred is …

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Seattle Wants Its Own No Child Left Behind Waiver

If Seattle gets the go-ahead from Duncan, it would be the first individual district in the country to get its very own waiver. …

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WA educators deliver 325,000-plus voter signatures to lower class size

An educator-led coalition working to reduce some of the largest class sizes in the nation cleared the first hurdle to introducing a ballot measure last week.Read More »…

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Charles M. Blow: “The Crisis of Children at the Border”

The humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied minors from Central America arriving at our Southwest border has brought out the worst in some of our politicians. The amount of double-speak coming from fork-tongued conservatives on this issue is sickening. It wraps faux-concern …


What’s on Tap for the 2014 AFT Convention

As the American Federation of Teachers' convention begins, Teacher Beat gives you a few tidbits to watch. …

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Cram Adds Audio Support for Their Online Flashcards

Cram… is an online flashcard service that I've featured a couple of times over the years. On Cram you can search through a database of more than 50 million online flashcards. As you browse through the flashcards you can add

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How to Measure Distances in Google Maps

The only reason that I had for clinging to the old version of Google Maps has gone away. This week Google added a new measurement tool to the newer version of Google Maps…. To use the measurement tool just

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Everybody’s Wild About Data

That’s especially true in the education business, which if you look closely, probably produces the most unreliable data you could possibly get. But that doesn’t stop politicians, media, and “experts” from latching onto polls, studies, and research and using them …