A number with meaning today. It was a Saturday then, today it is a Sunday. It was late afternoon, September 21, 1974.   I was at the Bryn Mawr train station, heading into Philadelphia for a friend's party. I knew …


A request in the form of a very different diary

I often devote a diary to the writing of another person because I think it worthy of the attention of this community.  In doing so, to entice the reader I offer quotes. Only once before have I done so without …


Evening Saturday morning reflection on teaching

Yes I know my title is somewhat contradictory, but I had too much else that had to be done this morning in order to draft one of my periodic reflections upon what it means to be a teacher, so I …


What’s the Matter With Music Students Today?

MI journalist Tim Skubick blasts weak-sister school music teachers who reject competition, suggesting that public ranking of ability is a fine old academic tradition, grumbling like your cranky old neighbor about giving every little Tom, Dick and Harriet an undeserved…

Teacher in a Strange Land

Why a kindergarten teacher is running for Congress

Janet Garrett is a veteran kindergarten teacher in Oberlin, Ohio. She just started her 35th year of teaching — which will be her last. She is running as a Democrat for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from…

Answer Sheet

Engaging Students Through Competitions, Contests and Code

Pat Yongpradit, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, is now Director of Education for Code.org. He has a track record for helping girls become interested in STEM and programming. In this example, his student, Anh Vo, created a game for the …

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

The Week in Review – The Most Popular Posts

…Good morning from Maine where the sun is shining and the air is cold. I had to use an ice scraper to clear my car's windshield on Friday morning. This is my favorite time of the year to be outside.

Free Technology for Teachers

How to Use Join Codes to Add Students to Wikispaces Wikis

Last week I posted information about having your students join a Wikispaces wiki by using "join codes."… I had a couple of people email me this week to ask for a help with this process. I created the following video

Free Technology for Teachers

BFTP: Today’s realization

  Original post, September 2, 2009 …

Blue Skunk Blog

The lesson of the Ngong Hills

One of my tasks at the Learning2.014 conference was to present a Learn2Talk. Rather than offer up the traditional keynotes, each Learning2 Leader was asked to prepare about five minute TEDTalk-style presentation and during the conference and then three or …

Blue Skunk Blog