Picture: Ryan Gosling Says "Hey Girl Teacher"

Soothing praise from Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling is the one and only feature of this single-topic website called "Hey Girl Teacher" that I just heard about from TIME.com's Class Notes by Kayla Webley:  Hey girl.   That parent interaction was …

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The Importance of “Why Do You Think That?”

…Last week I shared the story of the exasperated teacher who wondered why children who demonstrate such great understanding when they talk about text can’t seem to demonstrate the same understanding when faced with multiple choice test questions.  Ever since

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Quotes: In Search Of "Ideological Purity"

@thejlv That’s why, unlike my colleagues who look for ideological purity, I can shake hands with a much broader set of people. Like Art Wise. Like Deborah Meier. Like Diane Ravitch. Like Pedro Noguera. -- Teacher blogger Jose Vilson …

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Nearpod – Create Educational Mobile Content

Nearpod… is an interesting new service that teachers can use to create, deliver, and monitor student use of educational content on iPads and iPods. Nearpod is still in a closed beta (they are looking for pilot schools), but what I

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Five Best Blogs: Education Is *Not* A Bipartisan Issue (& That’s OK)

A daily roundup of all the best education blog posts and commentary I can find. Write something interesting or unexpected and yours might make the list: …

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Submit Your Technology Tutorial Requests

One of the most frequently visited pages on Free Technology for Teachers is the Google Tutorials page…. I would like to build up more tutorial pages, but I need your help in choosing topics. Therefore, I'm asking you to

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Resources for Teaching the Math & Science of Sports

…The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and many classrooms will have students buzzing with their predictions for Sunday's game. This provides a good opportunity to incorporate math and science with sports. Below is a re-publishing of a review I

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#CPS parents question longer school day

This from a site called Pure Parents: I’m sharing, with permission, the report from a parent meeting at Mt. Greenwood school last week with CPS representatives pushing the 7.5 hour day. The notes indicate CPS’s position that there will be…

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Select and Speak a Text to Speech Chrome Extension

Earlier this week I shared Announcify with you. Announcify is a free text to speech service. Today, I discovered another good, free text to speech tool for the Chrome web browser. Select and Speak… is a simple text to speech

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Brain Breaks

In order to help her elementary students maximize their learning potential, Ms. Cook provides her students with brain breaks throughout the day. She uses a variety of activities to help them relax, process information, and get ready for more.…

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