I don’t wanna die with this music in me

"I don't wanna die with this music in me," says Stacy Francis, 42 year old single Mom of 2, in her X Factor audition last month. She had someone who told her she wasn't talented. That she couldn't do it.…

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Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/23/2011

Project Red: 9 Technology Practices That Improve Education the Most Great presentation from project red. See slide for the "which technology practices improve learning the most."#1 Technology is integrated into EVERY intervention class. tags: education web2.0 worldonline Posted from …

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Iraq: Joe Stiglitz was right

If one reads Elizabeth Flock's Washington Post blog post from yesterday afternoon, All U.S. troops to leave Iraq; war by the numbers, one finds the total cost of$ 3 trillion offered several years ago by the Nobel Laureate confirmed …


Humbleness and thanks

I don’t know how my writing comes across to others. When I was a teenager, I had a few general issues with the world (I know, likely the first teenager in history with this affliction) and very specific issues with …


The Billionaire Boys Want to Elect Your School Board

The Billionaire Boys want to elect your school board officials. After George W. Bush left the White House, I didn't think it would be possible for him to be my worst nightmare again. I was wrong. While most Presidential and …

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Another #occupydesign inspired entry on racial segregation in #schools

Tagged: Baltimore City, education reform, occupy, occupydesign, segregation…

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What about those Fins and their #education?

I hear we should consider “transporting” the Finnish education system here, or at least some of their ideas, says The Answer Sheet. I’ve heard this time and again. And, the same issue props up for me, even in this new…

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Classroom Walls: We Don’t Need No Thought Control

One of the things I found most fascinating in Dan Brown's Great Expectations School were the ongoing controversies over--of all things--his bulletin boards. There was a lot of fussing about whether his displays met "quality standards"--i.e., were they standardized to …

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Incredibly Useful Google Apps Correlated to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy #bloomstaxonomy

Now we're getting useful! Some time back Kathy Schrock created a very useful Bloom's Taxonomy grid… correlated with Google Apps. While we know some of these tools aren't so useful (i.e. Google Buzz) the way Kathy has laid this out

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State News Roundup for October 22, 2011

This week we feature Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.…

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