Cartoons: What Parents *Really* Say At Teacher Conferences

From the New Yorker:  "We think he needs more individual neglect."…

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Santorum’s children went to a cyber charter school

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has said some pretty provocative things about public education on the campaign trail recently, declaring that it is not the job of government to educate children but rather the responsibility of parents. Read full …

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Video: Homeschooling For Everyone, Says Santorum

"It's amazing that so many kids turn out to be fairly normal, considering the weird socialization they get in public schools. In a home school, by contrast, children interact in a rich and complex way with adults and children of …

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Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock #teaching 02/21/2012

The Wise & Witty Teacher: Pinterest Inspired Presidents and DIY Lesson Plan Book Although President's day is past, this Pinterest Inspired President's and DIY Lesson pLan book is a very cool idea.  I love post it notes and would suggest …

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Report Scrutinizes States’ Teacher-Induction Policies

Even as there are more and more novice teachers in the ranks of the profession, states' teacher induction policies are generally piecemeal, contends a new report by the New Teacher Center. The report by the Santa Cruz, Calif-based group, which …

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Reform: TFA On SNL

Oh, god.  The black-haired lead singer of Sleigh Bells (musical guest on Saturday Night Live last weekend) is a TFA alum.  Via Eduwonk. It sorta makes sense, though.  Alexis Krauss, South Bronx '09, talks about her teaching experience here…

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Everything in Moderation

…Today I visited a fourth grade classroom.  In this fourth grade classroom, there is a girl who is currently reading below grade level at approximately a Level L/M.  We’ll call her Danielle.   During today’s lesson, I presented Danielle with a

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D.C. charter schools: Student expulsions reveal data problem

For years the D.C. public schools system was publicly ridiculed for its inability to accurately maintain basic statistics, such as how many students were enrolled in the system. Now it’s the turn of the public charter schools — the alternative …

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The 3rd Baltimore EdTech Forum

Baltimore (and nearby) Folks:WHAT: BALTIMORE EDTECH FORUM on THE FUTURE of SCHOOL ARCHITECTURE and LEARNING SPACES in the DIGITAL AGEWHERE: Digital Harbor High School, 1100 Covington St., Baltimore, MD 21230WHEN: March 14, 2012 // 6 …