2011 Holiday Greetings

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!…

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Words to consider

Consider these words ... the modern era, replacing the arbitrary rule of men with the impartial rule of law, has not brought any fundamental changes in the facts of unequal wealth and unequal power. Or these:  … If law and


Watch 75 Full-Length National Geographic Films

I've highlighted Snag Films and Snag Learning… in the past. It's been a while though so I thought I should point out that Snag Films has some great educational content available for free viewing. One great example of this is

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MeeGenius – eBooks for Little Kids

MeeGenius… is a nice source of free and paid ebooks for kids. There are lots of sites that offer the same thing as MeeGenius but MeeGenius distinguishes itself with one excellent feature. That feature is automatic word highlighting to accompany

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The Weekly Lowdown #8

Dear Readers, As this year comes to a close, I want to thank you for making my first few months at EdGeeks unforgettable. I am so inspired by the pieces I get to write each day and by the questions …


More Year in Review Videos and Articles

It's that time of year when everyone from serious news outlets to playful sites like Jib Jab are publishing year in review materials. I've already highlighted five good year-in-review sources here, here, here, here, and here…

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Is there a Christmas miracle in school reform debate?

This was written by Paul Thomas, an associate professor of education at Furman University in South Carolina, and a version was published at Daily Uncensored. By Paul Thomas Something profound appears to have occurred — a cosmic shift in …

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2011: Best and worst in education

My guest is Richard D. Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at The Century Foundation, a nonprofit public policy research organization, writes about education, equal opportunity and civil rights. This appeared on the foundation's blog. By Richard D. Kahlenberg Looking …

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7 Runners-Up Finally Share (Much Smaller) Race to Top Prize

Seven states that were runners-up in last year's $4 billion Race to the Top competition will share a $200 million consolation prize that will fund small pieces of their original plans, with many choosing to focus on implementing common standards …

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The Mix Tape Metaphor

When I was growing up, my family's (exceedingly modest) Christmas record collection was composed of LP compilations, the kind you get at the Marathon station--ONLY 99 CENTS WITH FILL-UP!! I loved those albums and played them over and over, listening …

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