Gamestar Mechanic: Teaching game design in the classroom

What it is: …I just love when I get lost in a bunny trail of links…you know the kind, you go hunting for something specific and click on something that looks interesting which leads you to a browser of 25

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Missouri billionaire: ‘sorry for linking KKK, public schools’

Billionaire Rex Sinquefield creates firestorm, apologizes for saying public schools designed by KKK…

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Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 02/16/2012

kduncan - Korea-USA Spring 2012 Sociology Collaboration Kevin Duncan's Flat Classroom certified teacher project proposal revolves around his current Korea-USA sociology project. If you want to see what students and classrooms are doing with long term relationships, look at this …

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Five Best Blogs: Too Much Chocolate

A daily roundup of all the best education blog posts and commentary I can find. Write something interesting or unexpected and yours might make the list: …

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New Mexico Granted NCLB Waiver, Federal Officials Say

UPDATED By Sean Cavanagh New Mexico has been granted a waiver under the No Child Left Behind Act, federal officials announced today, less than a week after the state was the only first-round applicant for flexibility under the law to …

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Cartoon: VAM! BAM! SLAM! WHAM!

"To show teachers that we respect their dignity and professionalism, they get to choose which club we will bash them with." @via modschool #LAUSD…

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Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock #teaching 02/15/2012

TES Connect (tesconnect) on Pinterest Here is a great use of pinterest. These teacher boards have been put together with lots of resources for teachers. tags: education teaching learning socialmedia SAT Preparation - Higher SAT Scores Guaranteed or Your Money …

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Thompson: Collective Effort Vs. Teacher Scapegoating

David Cantors’ EdWeek commentary (Who Is Responsible for Student Achievement?) starts as if it was another exercise in the blame game. Cantor’s focus groups with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders could never answer the question "who should be …

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Video – How to Download Blogger and Edublogs Posts

If you and or your students have more than a handful of posts on a blog, you should be in the habit of periodically downloading copies of those posts to have in a portable offline file. Watch the short video…

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Annenberg Guide Offers Strategies for Education Organizing

In local communities across the country, NEA members and leaders are working closely with parents, families, and community members to close achievement gaps, improve low-performing schools, and transform relationships between schools and their communities. Sixteen of these partnerships are profiled …

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