Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 04/22/2012

Animoto - My Animoto Video Love watching this classroom make applesauce for the K-2 flatclassroom project. They are showing others about food in their region. tags: Flatclass globaled Educational Blog Recommendations | Sine of the Times Love this post by …

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Stuck in Isolation

There’s a lot wrong with the traditional structure of most US schools, little changed in the past sixty years. But a recent article in The Atlantic hits on the piece that’s number one on the list of problems: teacher isolation.…


How to watch the Lyrid meteor shower this weekend! (April 21-22)

Bolide (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Been reading about the Lyrid meteor shower which is to peak tonight (Saturday, April 21) and tomorrow (Sunday, April 22). Saturday is supposed to be the Scientists say: "Typically, about 10 to 15 meteors or …

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Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock #teaching 04/21/2012

US Department of Energy Lesson Plans A set of US department of energy lesson plans about energy, and many science topics. (72 lesson plans). There are many activities you can use organized by age. tags: education teaching lessonplans stem science…

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Best Of 101Questions [4/21/12]

My five favorite listings on 101questions this week: Soccer Ball Inflation, Nathan Kraft. My students are promiscuous with proportions, applying them to any… situation where they have one known relationship and one unknown. That's my fault. A proportions


A rattlesnake double take and taking responsibility for my classroom

This morning's daily challenge on Twitter was to walk outside. I try to do the challenges I give all of you (they are real, I write them as much for myself as for you to work on the things that…

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#Pearson and the pineapple could be a story in and of itself

I’m sure folks are hearing all about the great pineapple controversy on an 8th grade english test in NY. See coverage here and here, for instance. It wouldn’t be so sad if some serious decisions weren’t being made about communities…

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A Saturday reflection as the school year heads to its conclusion

Sometimes as teachers we find that no matter how much we may have planned, we have to throw it out the window and improvise according to the situation at hand. Normally I pace my instruction for Advanced Placement government to …


Week in Review – It Feels Like Spring

Good morning. Another week has zoomed past us, but at this point in the school year some of us may think that's a good thing. This week the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page… received its 21,000th "like." Thank you

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Three Questions to Consider Before We All Flip

Pedro Moura Pinheiro on Flickr… It seems like you can't open an education periodical these days without finding an article espousing the wonders of flipping the classroom. Like most initiatives in schools, flipping the classroom does have merit in the

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