Nineteen months of stonewalling by NYC Department of Education

It’s nearly springtime, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). At least in odd-numbered years. I’m not so young, but lately I’ve been thinking about NAEP, which is widely regarded as…

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Baby Tigers and Other Wonders on BBC Earth

This evening while some people were watching the Oscars I was watching baby tigers. Thanks to this post on The Adventure Blog I rediscovered the BBC Earth YouTube channel…. After watching the baby tigers I found myself sucked into

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Oooh Lord, here we go, #studentvoice

The sniping has begun, apparently, to which I must personally respond. Unschooling/homeschooling advocate, and employee of the NYDOE (could that be argued as the belly of the beast?), is going after us here At the Chalk Face because I had …

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White House Estimates Impact of Across-the-Board Cuts by State

School districts all around the country are bracing for an across-the-board cut in federal funds, set to go into effect on Friday, unless lawmakers and the Obama administration are able to come to some kind of agreement to head them …

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wireWax – Create Interactive Videos and Play Videos Within Videos

wireWax… is a new service that takes the concept of YouTube annotations and makes it much better. On wireWax you can build interactive tags into your videos. Each tag that you add to your video have another video from YouTube

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Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock 02/24/2013

ICTs in Science Education - GIS.GPS Virtual Field Trips Geocaching and GPS are important parts of today's nature-based field trips. This is a useful website for this. Of course, now many of us are using smart phones for this capability …

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Don’t Click ‘Share’ To Save A Copy of My Shared Google Docs

It's good to know many teachers are getting use out of the documents I've shared on Google Drive. I know this because I get an email every time someone clicks Share…, because that button is a bit misleading. When

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309 confirmed kills

thirty-six of whom were enemy snipers Not that we necessarily should glorify killing, although in wartime we certainly do I am reminded of the statement by Barry Goldwater about gays in the military,… You don't need to be straight to


The 5:22 to Sequestration Station

You can change here for Dysfunction Junction, or take the local, making all stops to Interminable Terminal. Have your tickets ready. If you can afford them. This latest skirmish over the economy and the role of government is highlighting more…

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Even Oscar Winners Want to Matter

We continue to develop the infrastructure for Choose2Matter, busily preparing a re-launch this spring. This week, we’ll launch a fund-raising campaign to support the Quest to Matter, a five-week program that will launch on April 15, in which K-12 students …

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