Charts: Guess What? 34 States Are Still Doing Smarter Balanced Or PARCC

You'd think from all the press attention that the Common Core assessments were all but abandoned, but if this new RealClear Education graphic is accurate that's not the case at all.  Thirty-four states are stlll working with one of the …

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Report: Teacher-Leaders Need More Authority, Organizational Support

A new paper tries to inject specifics into the concept of teacher leadership, arguing that such positions need to invest teachers with significant authority within schools. …

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Morning Video: Union Head Complaining About TIME Magazine Tenure Cover

Here's AFT head Randi Weingarten on MSNBC's Morning Joe talking about that TIME Magazine cover. Still not much heat or light coming from the pro-reform side -- here George Miller chides both sides.  Meanwhile on the teacher tenure front, …

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Access More Than 1,000 Socrative Quizzes Sorted by Subject

One of the nice administrative aspects of Socrative is the ability to share quizzes with colleagues and import quizzes that are shared with you. This morning on the Socrative Facebook page I found their massive spreadsheet of more than 1,000 …

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Newsela – Current Events Articles Sorted by Grade and Reading Skill

Newsela… is a service that aims to help teachers find current events articles that are appropriate for their students' age and reading abilities. On Newsela you can find articles by selecting a topic, grade level, and reading standard from a

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The Dangers of the Common Core

Meier: As long as we see standards as 'The Standards' we will face this danger—and especially if who is right/wrong is based on impact on test scores designed by the same people who have mandated the standards. …

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AM News: Ebola, Seattle Shooting, Cuomo!

NYC Officials Try to Calm Concerns Over Ebola in Schools WNYC: The letter, which was translated into nine languages, laid out several facts about the disease for families to understand "how low you and your child's risk of Ebola exposure …

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Civil Rights Groups Want Resources for Students to Factor in Accountability

Federal and state accountability must do more than just hold schools' feet to the fire on student outcomes, civil rights groups say in a letter to President Barack Obama. …

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Arne Duncan Talks K-12 Policy in Tennessee, Where It’s Somewhat Stalled

Tennessee recently delayed the use of its new common-core aligned state tests, and Gov. Bill Haslam announced that the state will begin a public vetting of the standards. …

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5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Big Education Debates In Illinois, Georgia, & California

An Icy Attack on the Georgia Governor’s Education Policies - NYT  @AJCGetSchooled Election 2014 Caravan of Delights: Illinois Gubernatorial Race - State EdWatch - Education Week  State schools chief race may reverberate beyond California - LA Times…

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