How one middle school handled 136 unruly students

Normandy Middle School in north St. Louis — a few miles away from Ferguson, where the August killing of a black teenager by a white police officer sparked civil unrest — has been the worst-performing district in Missouri for several years.…

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MyStorybook – A Good Platform for Creating Picture Books

MyStorybook is a nice online tool for creating short storybooks. MyStorybook provides blank pages on which you can type, draw, and place clipart. Your storybook pages can also include pictures that you upload. To get started on MyStorybook… you do

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Quotes: A Parent’s Response To Her Child’s Test Anxiety

Yes, she has test anxiety. Yes, she has cried... I comfort her, but I tell her: ‘I make $14.42 an hour. What are you going to do to have a better life?.' - Success Academy parent Natasha Shannon in the …

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Media: This More Diverse List Of "Top Education Tweeters" Needs More Names*

A somewhat more diverse version of Education Dive's recent 12 education thought leaders you should follow on Twitter might include who(m), exactly?  Off the top of my head -- without much concern for how much I agree or disagree with …

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Building Strong, Effective Family-School Partnerships

By Otha Thornton, President, National PTA In August, National PTA announced that 170 schools and PTAs from across the country have been recognized as 2014-2016 National PTA Schools of Excellence for building strong, effective family-school partnerships. Research shows that when …

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Socratic Smackdown – A Game for Learning and Practicing Discussion Strategies

Socratic Smackdown… offers a fun approach to having students practice discussion strategies. Socratic Smackdown is a printable game designed to be played with up to forty students at a time. In the game students are awarded points for using each

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What Was I Doing in New Jersey?

NEA’s Back to School Tour continues in New Jersey. Lily met with educators, community leaders and the students they love. [View the story "NEA Back to School 2014: New Jersey" on Storify…]

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Free Webinar Next Monday – Comics In the Classroom

Next Monday night at 7pm Eastern Time I will be hosting a free webinar on using comics in the classroom. The webinar is sponsored by Storyboard That…. StoryBoardThat provides a good way to create comics without having to draw.

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An Interactive Map of George Washington’s Life offers a handful of nice online resources for learning about the life of George Washington. One of the featured resources is an interactive map that is titled Washington's World. Washington's World… includes a timeline and dozens of placemarks.

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Use Google Drive and Chromecast to Share & Display Videos Without YouTube

Last month I shared directions for privately sharing videos through Google Drive. This morning through The Next Web… I learned that Chromebook users who also have a Chromecast device can project their videos from Google Drive. To do this

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