New Google Maps Imagery Lets You Walk In Jane Goodall’s Footsteps

The latest addition to Google's Street View imagery takes us far the off road to walk in the footsteps of Jane Goodall. Gombe National Park in Tanzania is where the latest Street View imagery… was captured. In the imagery you

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Civic Literacy and the Power of ‘Close Reading’

Casey: Could it be that if we focused on the actual standards, the extravagant claims that are made against the common core would be impossible to sustain? …

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AM News: Record Campaign Spending Mixes Unions & Reform Advocates

Education-Focused Campaign Spending Crosses Party Lines PK12: In Illinois, teachers' unions gave more than $775,000 to Republican gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Kirk Dillard. Dillard, an ALEC member, ended up losing a close primary to Bruce Rauner, a businessman and newcomer to …

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Texas textbook review: ‘I’d like a Biblical check on that’

The Texas Education Agency held a special meeting this week at which members asked  publishers to respond to criticisms of proposed textbooks in social studies, fine arts and mathematics in advance of next month’s vote on approval of next texts.…

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Minecraft and Common Core Literacy Project: Givercraft starts Nov 17 [Link]

Minecraft and Common Core Literacy Project: Givercraft starts Nov 17 GiverCraft Weebly October 21, 2014 Minecraft and Common Core Literacy Standards meld in one free project for kids grades 6-12: Givercraft. Click to visit the Givercraft website Dr. Lee Graham…

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Nice is an energy

I’ve thought about writing a lot of posts recently about all the online toxicity about, but none of them seem adequate or appropriate. Alan Levine asks if the Party is Over. I read Kate Bowles lovely article on kindness …

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‘To the casual observer, my erratic college visiting search could be seen as disorganized and careless’

This post is the third in a continuing series about a high school senior as she navigates through the process of searching for and applying to college.  She is Samantha Fogel, a student at The Derryfield School, a private college…

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5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Four Of Five NY Superintendents Support Common Core

NYS supes assoc survey finds 80%+ support for Common Core in E and Math among district admins - NYDN  @via @rpondiscio #California Rivals Clash on Vision for K-12 Leadership via  @educationweek @StateEdWatch (see also Teachers' …

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Directionally Challenged Students

Ms. Beck discovered a great way to help directionally challenged students learn the four main directions and improve their map reading skills.…

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Digital Charts

Do some of your students need more time to copy charts from the board? Ms. Sergi has a picture perfect solution to this cumbersome chart copying dilemma.…

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