Fabric Borders

Ms. Flammang shares a tip for making inexpensive bulletin board shapes, die cuts and borders last longer.…

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Families and Long Division

This mnemonic will help young students learn and remember long division steps. It’s easy to refer to during a directed lesson and brings a little humor to the classroom.…

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It’s not ‘an’ historic pact with Cuba. It’s ‘a’ historic pact with Cuba.

If you listened to television and/or radio commentators talk today about President Obama’s agreement with Cuba to start normalizing diplomatic relations after more than 50 years, you are more than likely to have heard what I did: That his was…

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Favorite Book Challenge

Both teachers and students struggled with sustained silent reading at this middle school. Ms. Snow tackled the problem by challenging for her students with specific reading goals. Then she answered the reading challenge they gave her!…

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Quotes: "Backwater" Issues Like Common Core Won’t Sink Bush Chances

The back-burner nature of education issues is particularly true for Republican voters. In 2012, 84 percent of people who voted for Obama said education was "very" important to their vote. Just 52 percent of Romney voters said the same.…

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How not to bomb the dreaded college application essay

This is the fifth post in a continuing series about a high school senior attemping to navigate through the college admissions process. She is Samantha Fogel, a student at The Derryfield School, a private college preparatory day school for grades…

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Charts: Dismal Poll Results For Charters, Vouchers, & Ending Teacher Tenure

Private school vouchers and charter school expansion don't fare nearly as well with the public as various changes to improving classroom teaching -- but not ending teacher tenure -- according to this chart from last week's Third Way report (What …

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Try Science – Online and Offline Science Activities for Kids

TryScience, produced by the New York Hall of Science…, offers a nice collection of online and offline science activities for elementary school students. On TryScience you will dozens of activities arranged by topic. The offline activities are hands-on activities

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Congress extends educator tax deduction—for now

Congress voted to extend the educator tax deduction for 2014, but will have to renew it again to cover 2015 and beyond.Read More »…

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A History of Immigration in the United States – A Multimedia Timeline

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed… a great new service for creating multimedia timelines. That tool is called Hstry. Through the Hstry platform you can create timelines that include videos, images, audio, text, and quiz questions. It is possible

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