Tackling the Scourge of Child Hunger

In a nationwide poll of K-8 public school teachers, three out of five reported that children in their classrooms regularly come to school hungry. Among those teachers, 80 percent said children come to school hungry at least once …

Sara Ferguson: “I Represented All Teachers”

Sara Ferguson, a teacher from Chester Upland School District in Pennsylvania, was a special guest at President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address Tuesday.

She says:

I’m a runner, and before every race I write students’ names on …

Van Roekel: The NEA Plan for Teacher Accountability

What plans do teachers have for education reform? Check out this post on NBC’s Education Nation by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.…

Blog Roundup: Top Blogs on Wisconsin Union Protests

“One day longer, one day stronger” was a rallying cry yesterday in Wisconsin as thousands of working families vowed to continue protesting and defending their right to collective bargaining. Governor Walker’s anti-union bill, and his back-door attempts to rush it …

Corporate Reforms Will Not Make Excellent Schools

Check out this great post by Erik Peterson on Wellstone Action, “Corporate Reforms Will Not Create Excellent Schools”:

Increase competitiveness.

Focus on maximizing short-term output over long-term investment.
Layoff workers.
Squeeze more productivity from the remaining beleaguered workforce.
Demonize unions

Searching for Clark Kent

Unlike many people in America right now, I am not waiting for Superman. First of all, Superman is a mythical creature from another planet created to entertain the public.  Nothing more, nothing less.  As far as I know, we have …