TVal: NEA Denies Flip-Flop On Teacher Evaluation

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds — everyone knows that — but folks in and out of the reform movement have been noting apparent inconsistencies in AFT and NEA position on similar-seeming proposals and statutes.

This time it's Chicago …

Social Media: Ed Writers Notably Missing From 2013 Klout List

The main thing that jumps out at me looking at this year's Fordham Foundation Top Twitter Feeds in Education Policy is what a great equalizer the social media service seems to be, lumping together individuals (Diane Ravitch, Mike Klonsky, Anthony …

Common Core a Theme of NEA’s 2013 Gathering


We haven’t begun the 2013 NEA Representative Assembly quite yet, but already there are clues that the Common Core State Standards are likely to be one of the big topics of discussion.

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Today the CPS board will vote to enact the largest mass public school closing in American history.

Reblogged from Fred Klonsky: In typical Rahm fashion, four more schools have been removed from the closing list. CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett is expected to withdraw her recommendations to shutter Marcus Garvey Elementary School and Mahalia Jackson Elementary School on…

If tweeting is an art, Weingarten is no Picasso. She’s barely a George W.

Reblogged from Fred Klonsky: “Tweeting is an art.” Randi is to Twitter as George W is to painting.  The trouble all began when American Federation of Teachers President issued a statement in support of the We Are One/Cullerton bill. The…

Morning Video: Finland Uber Alles

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This 2010 video of Finnish education minister Pasi Sahlberg comes courtesy of Chicago's Mike Klonsky.

@john_merrow blames teachers’ unions as potential “creator” of Rhee. Hmm.

Diane Ravitch reported this. Then, Fred Klonsky got in on it, who should be respected for his positions on teachers’ unions. Merrow made his comments thusly: And finally U created her. “U” is my shorthand for teacher unions. This is simple…

Charts: Even Cody and Klonsky Don’t Overlap Much

It's not much of a surprise that Michelle Rhee and Diane Ravitch followers don't overlap much, but Klonsky and Cody?  

They only share 16 percent of the same followers, according to a piece by Mike Petrilli from a little …

Power Comes From Everywhere: Hearing the Sound of Resolute

Keith and Cenk left MSNBC. They uncovered the stories beyond the allowable corporate dictum. And these two became marginalized from cable television and a larger viewership. I was up on a friend’s farm in Squamish, B.C., Canada a long time …

Quotes: Governor Accuses Teachers Of Emailing On Public Dime

That's Mitch Daniels at last week's Jeb Bush event, talking about the campaign to oust his state superintendent. Via Esquire… via Klonsky