AM News: De Blasio Vs. Moskowitz (The Future Of Charters!)

Bill de Blasio vs. Eva Moskowitz New Yorker: De Blasio and his advisers are still figuring out how much rent to charge well-funded charter schools, his transition team told me. “It would depend on the resources of the charter school or …

The Failure of Udacity

Well, there it is folks. After two years of hype, breathless proclamations about how Udacity will transform higher education, Silicon Valley blindness to existing learning research, and numerous articles/interviews featuring Sebastian Thrun, Udacity has failed.

No one did more of …

Morning Video: Expert-Less Think Tanks — Whose Fault?

Here's MSNBC's Chris Hayes doing a segment about a so-called think that's mostly funded by restaurants (and opposed to raising the minimum wage) and lacks any economists on staff:


But is it the think tank's job to hire and/or …

AM News: CA & FL Newspapers Win Right To Publish Teacher Ratings

Newspapers in Calif., Fla. Can Access Teachers' Value-Added Data, Courts Rule TeacherBeat: In two new rulings both decided earlier this month, state appeals courts in California and Florida have agreed to grant access to "value-added" information on individual teachers. 

USDEto Scale Back

Does California’s New Testing Law Help or Hurt?

Is an obsolete test an appropriate accountability tool?

About a week ago, the San Francisco Chronicle published a guest editorial by George Miller – Congressman, NCLB architect, and a “hero” to Democrats for Education Reform – and Russlyn Ali, former Assistant Secretary …

Charts: Why Gov. Christie’s So Mad About Education Spending

As you can see from the above chart, NJ spends relatively lots on schools – but still gets beaten or matched academically by other states like MA that spend 20 percent less (Unequal Funding ) Makes you angry, right? …

120 business leaders urge Congress to increase pre-K funding

A group of 120 business leaders from across the country have sent a nonpartisan letter to Republican and Democratic congressional budget leaders urging them to boost funding for early childhood education. Earlier this year President Obama called on Congress to…

Thompson: OK Governor Tries To Halt Debate Over A-F Grading

Oklahoma educators are tensely awaiting the long-delayed A-F School Report Card touted by Chief for Change member State Superintendent Janet Baressi. The mistake-plagued report card has been repeatedly pulled back from public release as errors were adjusted and readjusted. 

As the …

AM News: Election Day For Teacher-Bashing NJ Governor

Chris Christie Reportedly Lashes Out At Teacher Melissa Tomlinson HuffPost: On Saturday, just days before the state gubernatorial election, the candidate reportedly argued with Buena Regional Middle School teacher Melissa Tomlinson at a campaign stop in Somers Point.

LAX Shooting

WISE: The world’s most important education conference

Education is constantly confronted with a dual threat:
1. Acknowledgement that it is a foundation for all human progress and able to lift regions and society out of poverty,
2. Public policy and investment that denies the value of education.…