Designs for Democracy – Explore U.S. History Through Drawings

Designs for Democracy is an online exhibit created by the National Archives and Records Administration…. The exhibit features drawings, sketches, and pictures that demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity of Americans through history. The exhibit is divided into three sections

Scrawlar – Share Drawings and Documents Without Using Email

Scrawlar is a free whiteboard and document sharing service that I recently tried after reading about it on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog…. Through Scrawlar teachers can create online spaces in which they and their students can share drawings and documents.

The Strength of Simple Videos

Over the last month I’ve facilitated a handful of workshops on the topic of video creation in the classroom. One of the points that I always try to stress in those workshops is that the focus of most student video

Maps: NEA & State Political Spending 5X Higher Than StudentsFirst

"StudentsFirst is a rising power in state political spending, but it didn’t come close to matching the National Education Association’s influence in 2012," notes Center for Public Integrity.  "That year, the National Education Association and its local and state affiliates …

8 Great Classroom Ideas To Level Up Learning

To help your classroom be engaging and fun, you have to be a lead learner. Here’s an assortment of classroom ideas that will get you trying something new. Set a goal to try something new THIS WEEK. Try something new …

Mapping the Words of Mark Twain

In yesterday’s post about the Morgan Library I featured their collection of Mark Twain artifacts. This morning I found a neat map of Mark Twain’s words. Mapping the World of Mark Twain… is a map containing nearly 20,000 placemarks geo-located

Visit The Morgan Library Online to See the Notes & Sketches of Famous Authors and Artists

The Morgan Library & Museum’s online offerings include more than 30 collections of sketches, notes, and photographs from famous authors and artists. One of my favorite collections offered online by The Morgan Library & Museum is Mark Twain: A Skeptic’s …

A Daily Dose of Habitudes

As I wrote last May, Classroom Habitudes, published in 2008, is more popular now than ever, with book studies popping up every week and entire districts and even states full of teachers reading the book.

To celebrate, we’ll be announcing …

Use Aurasma to Create Augmented Reality Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Activities

Aurasma… is a free app for iPads, iPhones, and most Android devices. Using Aurasma you can create augmented reality layers, Aurasma calls them “auras,” that pop-up when you scan objects with your phone or tablet.

This afternoon at the BETT

Liberating the Genius of 6,000 Students in a Single Day, at Hutto ISD

Just six months ago, we conducted our first Choose2Matter event, with a class of 350 sophomores at Dowingtown STEM Academy. The results were brilliant.

In September, we conducted another event with 200 8th graders at Bettendorf Middle School, and those …