FCC increases funding for Internet access in lower income and rural schools

FCC voted to expand the E-Rate program to provide high-speed Internet access to lower income and rural schools and libraries across the country.Read More »

AM News: Funding Increase For School Broadband, Plus Retention Decline

F.C.C. Increases Money for E-Rate Program for Internet in Schools and Libraries NYT: The move will increase money for schools and libraries to connect to the Internet. See also KPCCEdSource TodayNYT

Student retention rates declining in U.S.

AM News: Storms, Spending Bill Secrets, & Departure Of NY Superintendent

Storm warning prompts school closures EdSource Today: More than half a dozen school districts across California will close Thursday in anticipation of a major storm that is damaging the state’s collective calm.

New York State Education Commissioner to Leave for Federal

Obama’s Race to the Top loses all funding in 2015 omnibus spending bill

President Obama and firstlLady Michelle Obama both would see key initiatives whacked if the $1.01 trillion spending bill unveiled by congressional leaders this week passes without changes in these areas: the president’s chief education initiative, Race to the Top, loses…

Media: CJR Chides Journos For Falling For "All-Powerful TX School Board" Myth

There are lots of myths in education and education reporting, and the Columbia Journalism Review highlights one of them in its latest post (The Texas school board isn't as powerful as you think), calling out Reuters, the Washington …

AM News: Universal Preschool Day At The White House

The White House Wants You To Know That Preschool Is Really Good For The Economy HuffPost: The president is set to announce which states and communities are receiving some $750 million in federal grants for the expansion and improvement of early …

What else would you buy instead of tests?

In a recent exchange on the AASL Forum…

David Loertscher:
If there are 50 million students in U.S. schools and $ 2.5 billion is spent on testing, then, I think that computes out to $500 per student. Just think what …

E-Rate Increase Is a Vote for Digital Learning, Equity, Investment in Teachers

By Craig Thibaudeau, Chief External Relations Officer, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

On Thursday (Dec. 11), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will consider a proposal by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to allocate more funding to support schools across …

3 elevator pitches

An elevator pitch, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, profession, product, service, organization or event and its value proposition. Wikipedia 

A value proposition is a promise

Ed. Dept. Office for Civil Rights Probing New York Funding Discrepancy

The investigation appears to be the first from the civil rights office since Education Secretary Arne Duncan issued guidance on the subject in October.