Campaign 2016: Vergara Is Distracting You From NEA’s Political Strength

Former New Yotk Times Magazine reporter Matt Bai has a fascinating and highly controversial (5,000-comment) story you might want to read about how the ultra-liberal Democracy Alliance ended up naming NEA executive director John Stocks (pictured) as board chairman (…

AM News: Teacher Safety Net (In NY), Evaluation Pause (In DC)

DCPS Hits Pause On Using Test Scores For Teacher Evaluations WAMU: For one year, D.C. Public Schools won't factor student test scores into teacher evaluations.

D.C. will wait a year to rate teachers with Common Core tests PBS: A Thursday announcement …

AM News: CT Teachers Endorse Malloy Over Ed Reform Critic

A labor embrace for Malloy, with a jab over education CT Mirror: The Connecticut AFL-CIO’s biennial political convention was a two-day infomercial promoting the re-election of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, with one carefully choreographed note of discord: A rebuke to the …

Update: Low-Skill Parents Need Better Educating, Too

There are an estimated 36 million low-skill adults in the US – not counting undocumented immigrants or incarcerated adults.  

Only about 5 percent of them are getting anything by way of help with their numeracy, literacy, or English language …

Delay in Education Appropriations Process Angers Republicans

The Senate committee responsible for funding education has postponed the markup up of its federal fiscal 2015 spending bill, and Republicans are angry.

“Strict scrutiny” of Vergara ruling a setback for California teachers

Yesterday, California Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu handed down a ruling in the education policy lawsuit commonly referred to as the Vergara case. People I know who were closer to the case were not surprised that the judge ruled in favor …

Coming Soon: What Did "Superman" Accomplish, Anyway?

Why did the film come out the particular way it did?

What effects, direct and indirect, did the film have on funding, events, and public perception? (How do you measure a "social impact" film, anyway?)

Where are the 5 kids …

AM News: NYC Delays Universal Free Lunch Over Federal Funding Fears

Why NYC Is Afraid Of Free Lunch For All WNYC: A federal program to extend free lunch to all kids has the city worried it could lose federdal dollars to pay for other things.

Arne Duncan: Dropping Common Core May

Arne Duncan: Dropping Common Core May Not Cost Oklahoma Federal Funding

Even so, Oklahoma’s decision to drop the Common Core State Standards was motivated by politics and not necessarily what’s best for students, the U.S. Secretary of Education said.

Media: What The Post Gets Wrong About Gates & Common Core (Plus Reactions Roundup)

There's a long piece about the Common Core in the Washington Post you should probably read — but be forewarned that the view of events and the causal chain that's cobbled together in the piece isn't entirely accurate or fairly …