AM News: 1600 Different SAT Stories

College Board Previews Revisions To SAT NPR: The upcoming changes that were announced on Wednesday by the College Board will affect more than a million college-bound, high school students. It's the second major revision in nine years. See also WP

Obama calls for end to austerity in education

The President’s 2015 budget makes education funding top priority in rebuilding middle class.Read More »

Teachers as Trustees, Part 2


InterACT Guest Blog Post by Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez

InterACT features many blog posts on the topic of teacher leadership, but very few teachers are able to view the field from the perspective of elected office – especially one held concurrently

Like Most Other NCLB Waiver States, N.J. Struggles With Low-Performing Schools

A recurring theme of the U.S. Department of Education’s monitoring reports is the struggle for states to implement the required improvements in its priority and focus schools.

AM News: Governor Cuomo Blasts State For Diluting Common Core Plan

Cuomo Says Education Board’s Plan Dilutes Teacher Reviews NYT: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo attacked state education officials over a proposal that would give teachers more leeway to protest poor evaluations. See also TeacherBeat, ChalkbeatNY.

Cuomo Clashes with Education Leaders

Revolutionizing How Students Choose a Degree

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What degree should I get? Do I follow my passion and become a fine art major at the risk of financial stability? Do I pursue software engineering to land that great job

Morning Video: MSNBC Interviews Pro-Choice House Democrat


MSNBC's Craig Melvin interview's Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and talks about parental choice for good schools (charters, magnets) and positive pressures created by choice – but stops short of endorsing vouchers or saying that choice itself is the top …

AM News: Preschool Spreading Even In Republican-Controlled States

Preschool Push Moving Ahead in Many States NYT: States and cities across the country are forging ahead on their own with proposals aimed at expanding early education programs.

A new entitlement? The right to preschool AP: Republican governors and lawmakers who …

Attorney Education

The essence of hiring DUI attorney in Washington DC

Any form of charge relating to driving under influence should not be underestimated. This matter must be given the weight it deserves. The individual who has been implicated has to act …

Dumpster Rentals Help With Large Home Improvement Projects

When improving on the appearance of your home, too much debris and waste materials are generated during the exercise. Too much are the wastes, that normal garbage containers in your home can not be able to collect them. The size …