Serious Game Design and Learning Assessment –Leaving Las Vegas

When a serious game is commissioned, it is expected that in-game learning should transfer to the work place or a clinical setting, not just lead to improvements in game play.

Evidence of transfer should be a priority in serious game …

NEA’s Read Across America – Driven by Mazda Tour Visits Priority Schools

With a message of “Read! Read! Read!,” and a beloved Dr. Seuss character, NEA’s 
‘Read Across America Tour- Driven by Mazda’ is making stops at priority schools in California and Nevada. The Lorax-adorned vehicles on the tour bring …

Two unions on reform

The AFT and the NEA have come a long way toward supporting meaningful reform of the teaching profession. But it sure looks to me like the AFT has come a lot further.


Any valid approach to evaluation necessarily will …

NEA President on Huff Post: Teachers Unions Step Up to Lead

In a blog post featured on the Huffington Post’s Education page, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel addresses the gap between affluent and poor students, the “need to focus on those schools with high concentrations of poor students” and how …

Annenberg Guide Offers Strategies for Education Organizing

In local communities across the country, NEA members and leaders are working closely with parents, families, and community members to close achievement gaps, improve low-performing schools, and transform relationships between schools and their communities. Sixteen of these partnerships are profiled …

Beyond Pelvic Politics

I MAY not be as theologically sophisticated as American bishops, but I had thought that Jesus talked more about helping the poor than about banning contraceptives.
So begins the Sunday New York Times… column by Nicholas Kristof, which you can

SIG Program Promising Despite Bumpy First Year, Urban Districts Say

The School Improvement Grant program, with its controversial, much-maligned four models, is largely seen in Washington as Exhibit A when it comes to federal overreach in K-12 education. But a majority of urban districts think SIG will make a difference …

The measure of an effective school

It was announced this week that Minnesota was one of ten states that have received a waiver from No Child Left Behind. Oh, happy day.

Schools here will still be accountable but on a broader, somewhat more sensible set of measurements. …

Taking a stand for ‘the whole child’ approach to school reform

This was written by Sean Slade, director of Healthy School Communities, a program of the ASCD, an educational leadership organization.

By Sean Slade

The White House recently launched their
We The People initiative
that gives Americans a “new way to …

The Truly Flipped Classroom

Several years ago, two high school chemistry teachers from Colorado shifted their teaching practice dramatically.  Where previously they had lectured to students during class time, then assigned their students homework tasks meant to reinforce the lecture, they flipped that model …