AM News: Three States Warned On Teacher Evaluation

NCLB waivers at risk in three states Politico: Oregon plans to appeal its status to the department in the next 10 business days. Washington, with its hands tied by state law, said it can't do much until the legislature convenes in …

BFTP: Damned by a single measure

A weekend Blue Skunk “feature” will be a revision of an old post. I’m calling this BFTP: Blast from the Past.  Original post June 19, 2008. The political calls for high-stakes testing seem to growing rather than abating –

BFTP: Your library’s back-to-school letter


A weekend Blue Skunk “feature” will be a revision of an old post. I’m calling this BFTP: Blast from the Past. Original post A Library’s First Contact with Parents, August 10, 2008. These posts, Gary Stager, “Oh, Those

Strengthening College and Career Readiness: New Evidence on the Impact of School Counselors

There is precious little research demonstrating the value of school counselors on student achievement, with good reason – it is difficult to demonstrate the impact of counselors on standardized test scores, which have come to define achievement in recent years. …

Arne Duncan: Fewer Layoffs Than Expected, But Sequestration Still ‘Heartbreaking’

Back in February, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan went on CBS’ “Face the Nation” and warned that school districts could be forced to cut 40,000 teacher jobs, thanks to a series of across-the-board federal budget cuts known as sequestration

Reading Tips to Program Your Mind for success

I have a second generation Kindle. I will use it until it won’t run for a few reasons:

These Kindles are newer than mine but still offer a focused reading experience without notifications.

I can operate it with one hand

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Steps Up Opposition to GOP NCLB Rewrite

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put House Republicans on notice that they may consider a vote in favor of final passage of the Student Success Act—the GOP-backed No Child Left Behind rewrite—as a vote against business interests.

Specifically, the …

Where Does the NCLB Rewrite Stand in the House?

The big question of the day: Is a rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act headed to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives this week? There’s been a lot of talk about conservative opposition, but, so far, …

Study: Most states don’t score well on financial literacy

Given the extraordinary amount of debt that Americans wallow in daily, you’d think that teaching financial literacy in school and at home would be a priority. Guess again. A new study on the state of financial literacy programs in public…

DropTask – Visual Task Management for Individuals and Groups

DropTask… is a task management service that has a neat user interface. To create a task in DropTask you drag a “task bubble” onto a blank canvas where you. Each task bubble can be dragged and dropped into a task